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Damon Friedman

Lt Col Damon Friedman, a decorated combat veteran of the United States Air Force, originally received his commission in 2000 as a Marine Corps Officer. Damon later transferred to the Air Force Spec Ops elite and served four combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Damon’s personal decorations include three Bronze Stars, one with Valor, and the Air Force Combat Action Medal.

 In April 2010, Damon — then Captain — deployed as the lead Joint Terminal Attack Controller to the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, tasked to defend U.S. forces during the closure of the Korengal Combat Outpost. He engaged multiple Taliban fighters with air support, resulted in killing and wounding more than 40 enemies.

In 2011, Damon accompanied by his wife Dayna, established SOF Missions, a faith-based non-profit organization serving locally and globally. SOF Missions has served an estimated 65,000 people through various projects. As an active Spec Ops warrior, who has experienced the darkest hours of combat, Damon knows first hand the struggles of veterans returning home and led him to create the next mission project.

Damon then produced the film Surrender Only to ONE, a faith-based film following true-life stories of elite combat warriors. Along with the film, SOF Missions established The Surrender Project: A 3-step holistic program dedicated to helping veterans battle PTSD and find their true purpose after combat.

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