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Highly decorated special operations leader who served multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan where he received three Bronze Stars (one with Valor) and the Air Force Combat Action Medal.

Received the Spirit of Hope Award by the Secretary of Defense which recognized his leadership and national efforts to help the veteran community.

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Why Book Damon?



Dr. Damon Friedman is an electric sought-after speaker with an expertise in motivation, leadership, and team-building.


Sharing his story from the streets of Los Angeles to Special Operations in Afghanistan.


 Presenting lessons learned from leading elite military operators and over a decade of experience in the nonprofit realm revolutionizing veteran care.


Empowering world-changers to make an immediate impact in their communities.


Championing for veteran care, resiliency training, and suicide prevention
across the nation.




Founder and President of SOF Missions, a non-profit, which aims to raise awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic and provide a solution through customized holistic treatment plans that help warriors and their families deal with the scars of war.

Nationally recognized speaker inspiring audiences, executives, and public leaders across the country. Through his personal story and extensive experience, he challenges everyone to take action and become a world changer.


Be Resilient Training

Be Resilient Training focuses on whole health care: psychologically, physically, spiritually and socially. Dealing with mild traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and moral injury is not an easy feat. Focusing on stress management, a proper sleep regimen, and pain control can be liberating. Utilizing ideal fuel and nutrition we put into our bodies and expending our energy is the essence of living a balanced life. Addressing all four components is key to determining the root cause of the problem and to be able to implement successful techniques to promote resiliency.

An introduction to the 8 tenets, material from the book Be Resilient: A Path to Restoring Brain Health, will arm you with the tools to find resiliency and live well. By bringing these 8 tenets together into one complete curriculum, whole health healing can be achieved. We will teach you to recognize, respond, recover and repeat.


• Optimize human performance
• Promote workplace safety
• Reduce suicide risk
• Prevent early cognitive decline
• Prevent chronic disease
• Provide whole health model

Addressing the suicide epidemic within our veteran and active-duty community requires an intradisciplinary whole health approach. The resiliency project is focusing on intensive clinics to promote cost effective and efficient ways to bring our warriors and healthcare professionals together.


Damon has a great ability to relate to audiences and move people to action. Also, his presentation style is superb – engaging and energetic.

Terry Sanders

Retired Chief of Police - Police Safety Consultant AMIC/MWCF

An electrifying keynote address at our 2019 Kickoff. It blew the team’s doors off and left them energized and unified by his message that together, we can change the world!

Linda Massarella-Aiosa

Marketing Director - On Top of the World, Adult Retirement Community

Engaging, exciting, and relevant. I highly recommend Damon for any age audience!

Brian Snow

Director - Christian Unified Schools at Shadow Mountain Community Church

“Incisive, motivating, and applicable—Damon Friedman draws upon his military capabilities and life experiences as he empowers visionary leaders with practical insight and expertise as they embark on a mission to change the world. Igniting Movements is a must-read for people driven to make an imp…

Bobby Bowden

Coach - Two-time NCAA football champion - Florida State University

“Damon’s desire is not only to be a transformer, but an igniter, and to see others carry that torch as well. Hence the book in your hands, Igniting Movements. In this work, Damon communicates how movements really catch fire. First, he explores how they have ignited in history, then he creates a …

Ryan Bolger

Professor - Fuller Theological Seminary

“In Igniting Movements, Damon Friedman, has laid out a path for any leader who wants to make a change in the world for the good. He walks the reader through pragmatic steps in how to ignite a movement, from finding your purpose to developing your strategy. I recommend this book for any reader want…

Chad Hennings

Former A-10 pilot/ Three-time Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys - US Air Force/ NFL

“Deep passions and vision drive us to leave our mark on humanity, but few of us ever see that come to fruition. The shortfall is often our inability to “ignite movements,” to rally others into a shared passion and common vision to change the world. Special Operations Combat Leader Damon Friedm…

Chad M. Robichaux

Force Reconnaissance US Marine- Pro MMA champion - Founder and president, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs

“I have long believed that a group of individuals with a common purpose are the key to making any kind of lasting change. In Igniting Movements, combat veteran Damon Friedman proves this to be true, and describes the core values and skills which are necessary for a movement’s success. Pragmatic …


Former Commander - US Forces Afghanistan - Joint Special Operations Command





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