Dr. Damon Friedman serves as President and established SOF Missions in 2011 with a focus on empowering warriors to find purpose and be resilient. SOF Missions combats the suicide epidemic by providing restorative whole health care to veterans and military service members and puts them on a path to peak performance. The treatment model of our program, the Resiliency Project, takes an intradisciplinary approach and addresses the areas of psychological, physical, spiritual, and social wellness. Veterans who apply and are accepted receive up to 365 days of care at no cost. This is made possible by our generous private donor base and state funding.

veteran service alliance

Veteran Service Alliance

Dr. Damon Friedman serves as Chairman for the Veteran Service Alliance (VSA). The VSA is a coalition of like-minded faith-based veteran service non-profits standing together on a unified front to advocate for the 20 million veterans of America to the White House, Veteran Affairs, and Department of Defense. The aim is to provide military active duty, veterans, and their families with viable faith-based programs that lead to mental stability, physical strength, spiritual growth, and community involvement.

Florida Veterans Foundation

Florida Veterans Foundation

Dr. Damon Friedman serves as an Ambassador for the Florida Veteran’s Foundation (FVF) , a non-profit arm of the Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs. His purpose is to collaborate with statewide associations and increase awareness, outreach and support for veterans in need. The FVF mission is to serve, support, and advocate for Florida veterans to improve their quality of life. The FVF serves as the statewide lead organization for Florida veterans and their families by providing direct services and partnering with state and local governments, veteran service organizations, and educational institutions to improve their physical, financial, mental, emotional, and social well-being.






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